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The most important thing in our work is the way that we take side-by-side with our valued customers, from making the most important decision in life – TO STUDY, to turning this goal into a reality. Selection, assistance in admission, obtaining long-awaited visas and support during the studies are our small steps to Your great success. The result and happy feedback from our students are the best reward for us.
Elena Sergeeva Director General
of Education Standard

In the early 2000s, those "dreaming" about studying abroad were forced to seek help from Russian consulting agencies. Some of them tried to find information on their own. The availability of high-tech, seemingly eased the task for those interested in obtaining information at "first hand". But the Internet space is something treacherous and unreliable. There is no and can’t be any assurance that the information you found, would not turn out to be a fake, that you wouldn’t be left in the middle, finally, that you wouldn’t not run into a banal network fraud.

It was the time when people’s demand for educational consulting quantitatively exceeded the supply of services in this area. Just then, the company's founder, having returned from England after successful completion of training in a business school, decided to try herself in this field at home, in Uzbekistan.

Initially, the company focused exclusively on language education working with the schools, offering linguistic programs abroad. "Learn the language where it is spoken," is the first slogan of the company. Developing this trend, "Education Standard" company has been developing itself.

In 2005, EDUCATION STANDARD participated in the first Professional Educational Exhibition in St. Petersburg ALPHE Professionals. This international workshop was a turning point in the company's history. EDUCATION STANDARD’s strategy fundamentally changed - we started providing information on schools and colleges only after direct visits to these institutions. It is clear that such approach made it possible to provide more reliable information. In addition, our customers began receiving objective information about living conditions at the institutions.

As a result, we expanded the portfolio of proposals and found true trust of our customers. Soon we were members of the ICEF. We take part in such prestigious conferences like: Study World Fair London 2010 (Great Britain); ICEF Miami 2011, 2015 (USA); School Connections Miami 2011 (USA); WEBA London 2012 (Great Britain); ICEF Brisbane 2013 (Australia); ICEF Sydney 2014 (Australia); ICEF Moscow 2016 (Russia); ICEF Toronto 2016 (Canada).

Thus, EDUCATION STANDARD has been formed!

2003 Year of foundation
2 Offices in Tashkent
10801 Education programs
20 Study destinations
For 20 years 7 months 16 days we have been counselling to study abroad!

In the future, we are planning to expand our ties and further strengthen the existing ones, by implementing basic corporate mission of Education Standard Consulting Group: to create all possible conditions to make studying abroad convenient, affordable, reasonable and compensated, thereby contributing to the development of intercultural relations and promotion of tolerance, so necessary for the modern society. We believe that we promote networking and contribute to the development of relations in the scientific and business field at an international level. Preparation for entering a foreign educational institution is a long and multi-step process. A uniform standard of the international educational program does not exist: each country and each individual school develops its own system of requirements imposed on applicants and their own assessment criteria.

Representatives of EDUCATION STANDARD CONSULTING GROUP regularly visit schools, cooperating with us. We are familiar with their ratings and financial situation. In addition, we keep our own quantitative accounting of admissions and employment after training of our customers. Modern educational concepts are, above all, a good combination of European university traditions, time-tested, and with a variety of innovative practices that ensure the effectiveness of the educational process. The principle of a harmonious union of the "old" and "new" serves as a basis for the educational policy of leading educational institutions of the global "knowledge industry". The financial crisis that had engulfed much of the world, did not affect the plans of potential entrants who decided to study abroad - international education remains popular today, and its popularity is growing. This is evidenced by the statistics. Modern man is guided by the rule: do not overpay for education, but quality education can and should be overpaid.

Education abroad is the key to your success in the future. International diploma will not become a "home souvenir", reminding of carefree college life, but will be used for its intended purpose, working for you. This document does not require a translation, certification and verification, in the future it ensures its owner a prestigious high-paying jobs, maximum trust on the part of an employer and, of course, a career growth.

In addition, an "educational travel" is a great opportunity to see the world, learn about the culture of another country, improve one’s language skills, and just spend time with fun and informatively.

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Our team
Elena Sergeeva
Founder & Managing Director
Guljannat Suguralieva
Director of Finance and Accounting
Kuanish Berdimuratov
Director, Business Development Global Partnerships
Lenur Emiraliev
Information Technology Director
Evgenia Chekmenyova
Global Director of Marketing & Brand
Sardor Marmusaev
Head of Digital Design and Video Production
Irina Lagay
Jr. Study Abroad Adviser
Shukhrat Mamataliev
Front-End Software Engineer
Ralina Kaneeva
Study Abroad Adviser
Julia Markova
Digital Content Manager
Vladislav Yurovskiy
Admissions Manager
Mila Tairova
Editorial Director