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We encourage you to look through the feedbacks about overseas education experience from our students who have already used services of “Education Standard”

Adelphi University, New-York, USA | Bachelor of Accounting

My acquaintance with Education Standard started when I decided to consult a company specializing in studies abroad. I visited many similar companies in Tashkent yet they could not pick-up a program in the USA in accordance with my requirements – I have taken SAT and IELTS and was hoping to enter TOP university. Instead, they tried to offer me programs either in Canada or Australia which I did not like. That it how, by trial and error, I came to Education Standard. I was satisfied with the range of offered programs in the USA top universities. I applied several of them in different cities and got Offer Letters from 7 of them. Yet, I chose Adelphi – they offered the largest scholarship and it is located in of the financial centers – city of New-York. Comfortable cooperation and mutual understanding with Education Standard as well as high professional level in preparation of documents to the university and for USA visa application, let me with assurance suggest this company to all those aiming to study abroad.

Said Toymasov, 21 years, Bachelor in Accounting, Adelphi University, Garden City, New-York, USA.

Education Standard

English Language Program, EF Oxford, 2009, United Kingdom

Success is a result of vigorous activity, desire to know more about the world, and eagerness to learn and use this knowledge in real life. I have always aspired to complete self-realization and my parents have always supported me (for which I am really grateful to them). I got to know Education Standard in 2009 when with their help I took English course in Oxford. After this trip, learning this language became more interesting for me and I started to think about future studies. When the time came to chose university for undergraduate, I consulted this company as well. Elena, with whom we are great friends these days, recommended me to study business in Riga, where correlation of price and quality of education is quite reasonable. Now, back in Uzbekistan, I apply this knowledge at work. Later I am going to pursue MBA degree at a prestigious business school. Thank you my friends, Education Standard, that you have been with me during the whole process of paperwork and documents collection on my way to getting knowledge abroad. I wish you good luck in your further development!

Azim Ganiev, EF Oxford, Academic English Programme, UK, 2009.

Education Standard

Turiba University, Riga, Latvia | Bachelor of Business Administration

I always wanted to get Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) abroad. In order to learn more about the possibilities, I visited Education Fair in Tashkent where I knew about Turiba University in Riga. I made a research, found out about scholarships and grants in Latvia, and made a final decision in favor of this university. I consulted Education Standard on documents and all arrangements. They helped me a lot and several months later I have already started my studies in Riga. For this four years I have won 2 scholarships and took a Double Degree Programme at university in Finland. I am quite satisfied with the result. I would like to express my gratitude to Education Standard that they opened me this road. I wish you great success in future!

Vladislav Yurovskiy, 23 years, Bachelor of Business Administration, Turiba International University

Education Standard

Temple University, Philadelphia, USA | Bachelor in Civil Construction

Since childhood, my parents have been telling me that the most important thing in life is knowledge that is in the mind and not drawn on certificates and diplomas. Therefore I have always studied with love, and already passed SAT and TOEFL being a college student. At the same time, I began to choose a university, read a lot of information, trying to find the most suitable for me. Because it was the door to my future. In that difficult period, Education Standard came to help. We submitted documents to several universities such as the University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Massachusetts, Boston University, California State University LA, and, of course, Temple University. I received positive responses from almost all universities. Temple offered me a grant, and I chose it. As for the specialty, I was always attracted to the principles of creation of everything touched by a human hand, and I chose Civil Engineering. Of course, you can apply yourself, prepare visa documents, but when there is support, the result is not long in. My special gratitude to the parents who believed in me and supported in the chosen strategy.

Gavkhar Najmetdinova, 22 years old, Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Temple University, USA.

Education Standard

Summer Intensive 2013 "English in the heart of Manhattan"

It was an unforgettable experience that I will always remember! Our school was located in the center of Manhattan, and we lived at the intersection of the 96th Street. Every day we learned English until lunch, and after school we explored New York. We went to so many places! Central Park, Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center, and many other places as well! We had time to splash in the waves of the ocean on "Brighton Beach". In my photo collection there were thousands of photos, I made not to miss a single moment. I wanted to thank my beloved mother, who gifted me this magical vacation. In addition, Education Standard as well, especially Elena, who was a group leader, I have very warm memories.  Thank you for organizing such useful vacations, which combine learning English and actively study of other cultures, sights, food, and, of course, such an exciting shopping!!!

Yekaterina Raevskaya, 20 years old, "English in the heart of Manhattan - 2012", New York program, Manhattan, USA.

Education Standard

Hult International Business School, London, UK | EMBA

Education Standard correctly understood my goals and the field of study interesting to me, and then a constructive dialogue took place immediately. Taking into account the busy schedule of every entrepreneur, similar professional consulting services are a real finding. The choice of MBA programs for businessmen who want to get the latest knowledge and skills in business conduct in general, is huge. I was lucky to talk personally with a HULT representative in Tashkent during her brief visit in April. This greatly helped make a choice in favor of this business school. An important factor is that HULT is among 100 best universities in the MBA direction. My education program - Executive MBA - provides a lot of practical tasks, as well as the opportunity to listen to lectures of the most successful businessmen from different fields of business. I would like to thank Education Standard for support and assistance in the collection of documents and their submission, for preparation for the interview with the Admission Committee. It was very exciting, but successful.

Tatyana Shulikina, 44 years old, Executive MBA, Hult International Business School, London, UK.

Education Standard

State University of Minnesota, Moncato, USA | Bachelor in Business Management

When I went to study at the State University of Minnesota 3 years ago, the administration announced that at orientation day, at the opening of the academic year, students from each country, had to do a lap of honor under flags of their countries. Then I realized that among 17,000 students of the university, I was the only one from Uzbekistan. I brought Uzbek flag with me. Despite being alone, proudly I represented my country going around the stadium. This example shows that Education Standard has such a range of universities that sometimes it happens that there have not been Uzbekistan students yet! My family is very grateful to Education Standard, especially to Kuanish, who does his work to the full, and as far as I know and have heard from my friends, it is always so there... Acceptance letter - YES! Scholarship Certificate - YES! Visa granted - YES! How is it possible not to be friends with these guys in the future? Thank you! Good LUCK !!!

Javlon Jamilov, 22 years old, Bachelor in Business Administration, State University of Minnesota, Moncato, Minnesota, USA.

Education Standard

ELS School of English, Santa Monica, United States | English course

Being a student of Borowski college, I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but I wanted to get an education in English. The first step to achieve my goal was to learn English language. It was very difficult for me, I could not move from the beginning level :( Then my mother consulted Education Standard, with a request to pick up a course abroad. Since I love warm climate, we chose California and ELS school in Santa Monica. Of course, there my progress in English have been becoming more obvious day by day. There was no other way, as I had to go to a store to buy food, and there speak English too, otherwise, I could stay hungry. And in order to make friends, I also needed to start speaking. Now I speak English fluently and naturally, and our decision to learn English in a country where it is spoken, lived up to our expectations. My special thanks Education Standard for the fact that the company arranged a visa to my mother, who flew to visit me in California on vacation.

Kan Konstanitn, 18 years old, ELS School of English, Santa Monika, USA. 

Education Standard

Virginia International University, USA | Master in Business Management

Having got Bachelor’s Degree in Uzbekistan, I wanted to get a business education in an international environment, because I knew clearly that I would run my own company in the future. However, it was very difficult to choose from a variety of options, and thus have the cost of education and the quality of programs at an appropriate level. After applying for consultations to Education Standard, I had already decided to rely on their professionalism and, as a result, I entered a decent university that met all my requirements. At my university, there are students from all countries, it is really an international atmosphere, where I have a lot of friends. Now I am on the way of establishment of my professional level, and I hope to be a skilled professional in my field. In front of me, there is a vivid example of professionalism of the team in the face of Education Standard, with whom I have passed all stages - university selection, admission and visa obtaining. Everything was easy and fun. I always recommend you to my friends!

Diana Gogoshvili, Virginia International University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

Education Standard

SWISSAM, St. Petersburg, Russia | Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

My path to education abroad began in 2007, when I went to high school in China Ritan. I was 15 years old, and of course all the arrangement associated with the entry were made by Education Standard. Elena personally accompanied us to Beijing. After graduating from high school in China, I decided to learn perfectly English and studied for a year on the ELS  English Course in Australia. It was hard, but when it is hard to learn, it is always easy in this competitive world. Now my knowledge portfolio includes: HSK 6.0, IELTS 6.0, I speak fluent Chinese and English. For all this time, I have been looking for my calling and decided that I would study in Russia, but in English at a Swiss university. I was attracted by the fact that at an affordable cost of studying, I would get a Swiss diploma and at the 4th year of studying I could go to Switzerland. The whole way Education Standard team is with me - visas, entry, interviews, and again documents and documents.... I have known you for so many years, and wish you prosperity and well-being. Always yours,

Georgiy Viktorov, 21 years old, SWISSAM - Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Education Standard

TAFE NSW, Sydney, Australia | Bachelor in Internet Technologies

Australia has always been my dream, and to get education there is the sweetest dream!!!!! In Australia, the cost of education is very high. For a long time, I did not know how to choose a university where I could get a specialty in the field of information technology. When Education Standard offered to apply TAFE, I immediately agreed, as the tuition fee was not exorbitant. Of course, we were worried whether I would get a visa, since many documents were to be collected in order to prove that I was really a student who wanted to get education. Everyone who is going to study abroad, especially in Australia, runs through this most stressful and nervous moment.  Will they give me a visa or not? But I've always been lucky, and a positive result was not long in coming. Now I'm in Sydney mastering Networking Systems. Guys, if you want to make your dreams come true and at the same time to find an opportunity to save money, cunsult guys from Education Standard, and then everything will be fine! IMHO :)

Benazir Khaydarov, 21 years old, Bachelor in IT (Network Security), TAFE NSW, Sydney, Australia.

Education Standard

Queen Ethelburga’s College, UK | GCSE program

I have known «Education Standard» since 2007, when we started thinking about studying abroad for the eldest son, and asked the company for professional advice. Then, my daughter, Sasha, visited England in 2013 to study Summer English language courses organized by the company. Since then, she simply has fallen in love with this country. This was one of the factors that convinced us to send Sasha for a longer study in England. I would like to thank «Education Standard» for help in entering an English College. The choice of schools was huge. Each school seemed to us ideal. We were very pleased that it was possible to communicate on Skype or phone with the administration of each school in the agency’s office personally, to get answers to all our questions directly from the people working at these colleges.

Irina Viktorovna, business owner, managing partner of a company, mother of two children, and a beautiful woman; mother of Alexandra Kildyusheva, 16 years old, a student of the GCSE program, Queen Ethelburga's College, York, United Kingdom. 

Education Standard

Summer Intensive "English at Wellington - 2016", UK

Thank you very much, «Education Standard», for organizing such a wonderful trip! I learned about the program "English in Wellington" from Facebook, and immediately told my parents. They really liked the richness and balance of the program, and that was the first time I visited England! Now I know that learning is possible everywhere, easily, with pleasure and with the achievement of the expected results and expansion of the world outlook! 3 weeks spent together with peers from around the world, left the most vivid and unforgettable experience. English accent is something uniquely wonderful. Wellington campus where we lived and studied was insanely beautiful: wonderful gardens and excellent playing fields, a lake, academic campuses and houses for living. There were also a lot of trips – to London, Oxford, Brighton... We even had time to visit summer residence of the Queen of England - Windsor Castle and the studio, where "Harry Potter" movie was filmed. Hopefully, in the future there will be the same interesting educational trips ;)

Diyora Ubaydullaeva, 17 years old, a 3rd year college student.

Education Standard

Adelphi University, New York, USA | Bachelor in Management and Commerce

Let's get acquainted! My name is Nikolay, I'm 20 years old. I met Education Standard, in particular Elena, when I was 11 years old. In those days, my parents were not afraid to send me for a summer course of learning English to Buckswood School, in the UK, where I first got acquainted with England. And then, at the age of 15, I entered St. Andrews College, Cambridge, and graduated from the A level course, and obtained a high school diploma. Now I am a freshman at Adelphi University, USA, my program is Bachelor in Management and Commerce.

As I was growing up and studying, I've seen Education Standard growing and developing. Coming on vacation, I always come to visit them in the office, where I am always welcome! My conclusion is that when the team does everything for a customer, providing full support, and works for the result, it has no other options but to be successful and continue growing!!!! Well done, guys, wish you good luck and prosperity!

Nikolay Tsoy, 20 years old, Bachelor in Management and Commerce, Adelphi University, New-York, USA.

Education Standard

ILAC Language School, Toronto, Canada | IELTS Preparation Course

Of course, you can learn English at home, but you can go on an exciting educational journey to English-speaking countries and bring English communication skills almost up to native speaking level. And, thus, to get a 9-year multi-entry visa to Canada - the bonus of bonuses :) That is what happened to me thanks to Education Standard. ILAC School has a very modern building as well as interior design and style of teaching. I had a 2-month English language course and passed IELTS with a score 6.5. The Education Standard team helped me with the paperwork for the school for a visa to Canada, for which I am deeply grateful to them ^ _ ^ I’ll certainly consult to them when entering a university ;)

Parviz Abdusamadov, 17 years old, English Language Course, preparation for IELTS, ILAC Language School, Toronto, Canada.

Education Standard

Kingston University, London, UK | Bachelor in Mass Media

My name is Kamilla. I study at the University which my beloved uncle graduated from. He is very successful, both in terms of goal achievement and career development, and I always wanted to be like him. My choice of the country and university had already been made since childhood, but the choice of profession which I was going to get we made together with Education Standard. Here is my result: I finished the first year with an "excellent" rating and I am a student with an active lifestyle, I have a very ambitious plan to achieve my goals! Thanks to Education Standard for their support in the preparation of admission documents and obtaining of student visa to England. When entering to study abroad, I recommend everyone to apply to professionals!

Kamilla Sultanova, 19 years old, Bachelor in Media & Communication with Business.

Education Standard

B.H.M.S., Lucerne, Switzerland | Bachelor in Hotel Management

I came to Education Standard already having a year of experience of studying in England. In this company both I and my parents were attracted and pleased by the attitude with which meetings and consultations were held. I received detailed information about each university, so had the opportunity to assess the prospects of each of them, and what I would get at the end with a bachelor's diploma. An important factor when choosing B.H.M.S. University in Switzerland was a paid practice provided by the university. Regarding the visa, I was "very lucky." It was the year when the rules of applying for a student visa to Switzerland were changed, and I had to fly to Moscow. Education Standard provided full support and made every effort not to delay the process and the result to be positive. I always advise this company to my friends who want to get high-quality consulting services on studying abroad.

Abdurakhmon Ortikkhujaev, 21 years old, Bachelor in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

Education Standard

Turiba University, Riga, Latvia | Bachelor in Tourism Management

I learned about Education Standard from a good friend of our family, who himself is studying abroad. From the first consultation I liked that everything got off the ground at once - they told me a clear list of documents for entry and estimated approximately, when I would be able to fly to Riga to study. Further work was easy and productive :) Without any fuss all the documents were ready and in August was already in Riga, as I planned, to adapt a little bit, because the next 4 years of life would be spent in here. Thanks, Education Standard, for your competent support!

Alisa Yumakaeva, 21 years old, Bachelor in International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Turiba University, Riga, Latvia

Education Standard

Buckswood Boarding School, Hastings, UK | A-Level program

For me being a college student in England is a great opportunity to enter a British university in future, because here we are taught not only basic subjects, but also all necessary information to enter a university, how to prepare for an interview with an admission committee, how to write an introductory essay, etc. I am grateful to my parents for their support of my ambitions.

I would like to say special THANKS to Education Standard that you have opened so many opportunities for me when advised to choose a college in England; that the entering process was not as difficult as it seemed at the beginning; that you remain always in touch. Wish you good luck and good students!

Ismoil Mustafokulov, 17 years old, A-level programme, Buckswood Boarding School, Hastings, UK.

Education Standard

Queen Ethelburga’s College, UK | GCSE program

Now I am a student at a gorgeous elite school with very strict rules and a lot of homework. I really like it and, of course, I would like to thank Education Standard for organizing the entry to this college. My family and I have been working with this company for a long time. In 2012, I went to America with a group of students organized by Education Standard, where I studied English and in 2013 visited Europe during summer holidays, too. It was very interesting and fun, and as a result, my parents decided that I should graduate from high school in England. All the documents and interviews that I held, were organized at a high level, we obtained a visa very quickly without any problems. I always recommend my friends, who want to study abroad, to apply to professionals, so that you, with peaceful mind and confidence, could make an important decision - to study in another country.

Aleksandra Kildyusheva, 16 years old, a pupil of GCSE program, Queen Ethelburga’s College, York, UK.

Education Standard

Summer Intensive course, "English at Wellington - 2016", Great Britain

HI! I like traveling and learning English in a country where everyone speaks English. There I easily learn new words and am not afraid to speak English, even if I'm wrong, I speak anyway! I get a lot of friends, I learn a lot of interesting things on tours, and as my mother says: "Become independent". I have known Education Standard for a long time, they have a beautiful office, and everyone who works there likes to work a lot, I know it, because my mom works there, too! Thanks that the company exists, and I always look forward for SUMMER!!!!

Timur Dalabaev, 12 years old, 6th form pupil.

Education Standard

Bellerbys College, Brighton, UK | A-Level Program, Medicine

We are old friends with «Education Standard» :) In 2014 I first visited England as a member of a group organized by Education Standard. It was a 4-week English course. Since then, I was followed up by the idea to study in England. But there are so many colleges! Education Standard helped me make correct and the most appropriate choice. Together with my family we reviewed the proposed options, benefits of colleges. In future, I plan to get higher education either in Great Britain or Australia and become a doctor. Education Standard disclosed an interesting fact – medical programs in English-speaking countries for foreign students at the undergraduate level is only possible if secondary education has been obtained in a college in English as well. So, now, on the A-Level course I learn the things that I need to know to enter a university in the future. Education Standard also helped with collecting all documents and getting visa to England.

Nadejda Kim, 17 years old, A-Level course, Bellerbys College, Brighton, UK.

Education Standard

EU Business School, Barcelona, Spain | Bachelor in Business Management

Studying these days in Spain, with great appreciation, I remember timely done work by «Education Standard», so that I could begin studying abroad. When I first thought about studying abroad, I initially considered universities in England and the United States. I did not even think I could ever pursue Bachelo’s Degree in Spain in English. Barcelona is a dream city, EU Business School campus is the product of contemporary art, professors are professionals in their fields. Thanks to all «Education Standard» team members for their expert support and opening new horizons and great opportunities for me.

P.S.: My parents have already visited me, also with the support of «Education Standard».

Ruslan Rakhmatullin, 20 years old, Bachelor in Business Administration, EU Business School, Barcelona, Spain.

Education Standard

Turiba University, Latvia | Master in Strategic Management

This year I have obtained Bachelor’s degree from Turiba in "International Tourism and Hotel Business Program"/ I was very worried about entering the Master's program, or getting a visa to Latvia. Education Standard has perfectly done its work and now I am a student of Master's program of "Strategic Management in Tourism" :) From my own experience I can say that when studying abroad support of relatives and friends who stay at home, is very important. During this time Education Standard has become my close friends, they are always in touch, always ready to help, they listen to you when needed, they scold you when you deserve ;D THANK YOU, my dear, for being close for so many years!

Anastasiya Bogdanova, 23 years old, Master in Tourism Strategic Management.

Education Standard

Turiba University, Riga, Latvia | Master’s program «Public relations»

When I was on the 4th year of the Bachelor’s program in Uzbekistan, I decided to continue my education and enter a European university to get master's degree. Education Standard Agency helped me with the choice of the university. I liked the fact that the company approached individually to all of my university and program requirements, as well as some of my personal requests. I'm glad I’ve chosen one of the universities offered by the company - Turiba International Business School. In addition to high-quality education under my "Public relations" program, it gave me a tremendous opportunity to travel and meet interesting people with whom we are bound by friendship and wonderful memories of our adventures.

Kamila Shodieva, 22 years old. Master in Public Relations, Turiba International Business School, Riga, Latvia.

Education Standard

Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea | Master in Business and Management

Only one word comes to my mind when I think about studying abroad - DREAM. Education Standard greeted me with a dream and helped turn it into reality! After obtaining Bachelor’s degree in Business at the WUIT in Tashkent, the company offered me 5 top-ranking universities in Singapore, Korea and the United States. They all offered graduate programs that fully met my requirements in terms of quality and rating. Yonsei University in Korea was a priority. As a result, I got Offer Letters from all the five universities. Education Standard has been with me all the way long – from providing options until visa obtaining, we worked together on motivation letters, CV and recommendations. Thank you for all you have done for me. I'm happy! See you in Korea!

Sabina Abdullaeva, 23 years old, Master of Strategic Business and Management.

Education Standard

Turiba University, Riga, Latvia | Bachelor in Business Administration

3 years ago I heard about Education Standard from my friend who had entered a university in the United States. I saw the dedication, seriousness and responsibility with which the guys from Education Standard treated the process of entry and preparation for an interview at the embassy. Some time later, it has already been my turn to enter a university and I had no doubt knowing who I would consult. My friend is now studying in America, and I in Riga, and soon we will get our diplomas. I am very grateful to my parents who took with me the decision to obtain knowledge in a different country. I won a lot from this – I became independent, learned to count my budget, cook and, most of all, I became more responsible, and the parents, having believed in me, are now proud of me and know that I can cope with any difficult situation in my life.

Shokhrukh Kurbonov, 23 years old, Bachelor in Business Administration, Turiba International Business University.

Education Standard

Coventry University, UK | Bachelor in Global Business Management

My parents are businesspersons, and they have often said that the investment in high quality education would bring the most reliable dividends. So, from long time ago, I knew that I would study at a prestigious university, and run family business in Uzbekistan afterwards. When the time came to choose a university, my cousin recommended «Education Standard», he entered a university abroad with the help of this company. The choice of the country was unequivocal - England. The company offered to apply several universities. My current result speaks louder than words – I am 2nd year student at Coventry University. I work and live in the business capital of the world. Learning is not easy, but I try to learn something new every day, eagerly getting knowledge. I can easily realize expectations of my parents, as they do a lot for me, and I am very grateful to them for that! «Education Standard» always keeps in touch with me, and their support helps me, in spite of the distance!

Abdulla Rikhsiboev, 20 years old, Bachelor in Global Business Management, Coventry University, London, UK.

Education Standard

Turiba University, Riga, Latvia | Bachelor in Tourism Management

I got to know Education Standard in 2014 when my parents decided to send me to the USA for summer holidays as part of a children's group trip organized by the company. This travel helped me not only learn a lot about America that was so far away from me at that moment, but feel more confident in communicating in English. This was an important factor in the decision to continue studying abroad in English. Then, Education Standard provided us consulting services of full range. I was not able to decide on the country and the university. We had had many meetings at the company, the consultants presented every university in detail both to me and my parents. Finally, I chose Turiba University in Riga. It has TedQual accreditation and also provides a paid practice in summer.

Oybek Abdualiev, 18 years old, Bachelor in International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Education Standard

Hult International Business School, Boston, USA | Master in Finance

My decision to improve the qualification as a specialist in finance came with time. Having thoroughly understood the need for this, I applied several universities. Of course, I decided to take full advantage of opportunities for funding provided by the universities. As a result, I won 5 grants. Education Standard Company is my old friends and the guys took over many formalities with the documents. From personal experience I can say that when entering an overseas university, in addition to relying on own talents, when consulting Education Standard, they will offer wide range of programs from which you will choose the one you both like and find financially appropriate. And if you have some achievements, the company will advise in which university you will be able to win a full grant. Try, as I did, and your life will be filled with new experiences and obstacles that will make you richer and stronger!

Arman Kenjemuratov, 26 years old, Master of Finance, Hult International Business School, Boston, USA.

Education Standard

Hult International Business School, USA | Bachelor of Business Administration

I knew exactly that I wanted to study business at bachelor’s. But I did not know whether in the United States or Australia. Together with Education Standard, we had applied several universities, from three of which I got offers. Having felt the strength, I also applied partial scholarship to all three universities. A decisive factor in choosing HULT in San Francisco was the amount of the proposed grant. Now I know that this is the right choice. I really like the university, professors, the city itself is gorgeous!  While my parents are impressed by the fact, that HULT offered me a 50% scholarship for all 4 years of study. Thanks to the team of Education Standard for the high-quality work done.

Anna Yukhanova, 19 years old, Bachelor of Business Administration, Hult International Business School, San Francisco, USA.

Education Standard

Hult International Business School, Boston, USA | MIB

Hello everybody! I want to share my experience of studying abroad. In 2016, after graduating from Tashkent State University of Economics, I started thinking about getting Master’s degree. I come from Samarkand. After several months of visiting companies dealing with studying abroad, I chose "Education Standard". In many respects, I chose this company due to the fact that they know all the details of admission and have been working on the market for 13 years already unlike other companies on the market.  Thanks to Education Standard I talked with the students who studied abroad and decided that I would enter UK university. My visa case was very complicated, but with professional help of Education Standard everything went smoothly! Now I'm a student of HULT, Boston, and I really like it here. My dream has come true! I recommend Education Standard to all my friends who consider studying abroad and you too!

Alisher Norov, 22 years old, Master of International Business and Finance.

Education Standard

Monash University, Australia | Bachelor of Business Banking and Finance

The choice of a university abroad was for me a real challenge! So many options, countries, and cool universities. How do I choose? I had been thinking for a long time, until I addressed Education Standard. I considered universities in Canada and Australia, since according to the world rankings education in these countries is one of the best. Yet, I do not like cold weather, so I chose Australia.  Sydney or Melbourne? Monash or Macquarie? Here Education Standard came to help. Having evaluated the benefits of each of university, I finally chose Monash. Then it was the time to get a visa to Australia. The preparation process was long enough but thorough, and in 6 days I got a long-awaited four-year Australian visa. After a year at the University of Monash, I confidently advise everybody to choose top-ranking universities!

Mukhitdin Sayfullaev, 23 years old, Bachelor in Banking and Finance, Monash University, Melbourne.

Education Standard

Macquarie University | Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

Hello from Sydney!!! With great respect I express my gratitude to my friends – team of Education Standard. In 2014 I was lucky to take part in a summer program in Europe arranged by Education Standard, and from that moment I already knew that when choosing a university and for advice on admission abroad I would return to them. Now, it has been 2 years of my study at Macquarie University at "Criminology" Program.  For now, I am the only one from Uzbekistan at this program! I am proud to represent my country, tell about it to my groupmates. If someone needs my advice, or you would like to learn more about Australia and about the University from me personally, you can take my contact details at Education Standard. You are welcome to write me, I'll always be glad to answer all your questions!

Svetlana Kim, 20 years old, Bachelor in Criminology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. 

Education Standard