360° View: Glion Institute of Higher Education in Montreux

The world's best forge of managers and administrators in the field of tourism and brand.

This article is for lovers of Swiss quality and chocolates!)

It is no accident that we are starting with a mention of chocolate because today there are so many companies in the world that produce different varieties of the product, but the Swiss both produce it in the best quality and consume in huge quantities. In addition, the life of one of the founders of the well-known brand (not just chocolate) Henri Nestlé is thus associated with one scenic area of Switzerland, which we would like to tell about. In addition, it is no accident that we have begun our review with a mention of Swiss quality, because this city is famous in the world for the quality of professional education in the field of hotel and tourism business. Kindly meet Glion Institute (Glion Institute of Higher Education)!

To date, there is a sufficient number of higher educational institutions, promising to give higher education, however, Glion does not only promise, but in practice it proves that its graduates receive not only the best higher education, but also prestigious management positions. You can read it on their website, but in order not to waste your own time, let's quickly "rundown" their list.

«You shouldn’t offend a guest…»

The Uzbeks are considered one of the most hospitable people of the world, ask of tourists who admire the beauty of our country. The same can be stated about inhabitants of Switzerland, however, they have gone further - made this a well-developed industry. For 50 years already, graduates of Glion Institute have been receiving offers from 15,000 university partners who are glorified in the "hospitality industry" and visit the Institute annually to find goods employees for their business.

Life is Glion Institute. Diploma is a Soul!

Glion is one of three universities in Switzerland which has been accredited by the Commission of higher education institutions and the New England Association of secondary and higher educational institutions. This means you do not need to worry that your diploma will not be recognized by other universities, if you want to go to another school. Do not forget that the university chosen by you must also be accredited by the above organizations.

Glion is the "heart" of Europe

Students of the university are very lucky. The reason for this is location of the university within the country and beyond. One thing is a masterpiece landscape, the other is the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, both at one’s own expense, let’s say with groupmates on vacation, and during internship (of which we’ll talk later).

Some people fly away, some people arrive

Another plus of the university is that 92% of those who graduated from Glion, get immediately employed. More than 60 percent of graduates of the university are top managers of leading companies and hotels.

Many students is good

If all the students are given a mark pen, a map and asked to note the place where they have come from, the map will be full of "points". The reason seems to be obvious - they are from everywhere, and it is from more than 90 countries of the world.

If all of the above has made an impression on you, then we invite you to the section of a bit "dry", but very important facts about this university.

The Bachelor program of this university is divided into two directions: "Hotel management" and "Event management, sports management, and management in the entertainment industry." Here we should note an interesting fact: if after the first semester you realize that you are "out of place" (meaning the direction of the study), then you can change it. Only after the fifth semester, you have the right to choose your profession. The Bachelor program is for a period of 3.5 years during which a student will undergo practical training, afterwards there is internship and, of course, the study of the theory in the chosen direction.

In addition, there are other programs designed for those who want to get the second education in "Hotel business administration" and "Hotel management".

At Master Programs of Glion Institute one can study such programs as "International Hotel Management and Hospitality Management" and "International Hotel Business and financial relations."

What else does a person who wants to receive vocational training in Switzerland need to know? Of course, the conditions on which each applicant enters the university. And so, let’s read...

To start with, you have to know the language. Although Switzerland is a country where different languages are common, you should know English (it is demanded by the university’s administration). The level is not too high. You have to pass an international test of English language proficiency - IELTS. For undergraduates the admission score is 5.0, for the second higher education your score should be equal to 5.5, for graduates - 6.0.

Money. We are not going to write something like "Education is the investment in the future". Glion Institute provides all the opportunities (food and accommodation included) for all of its students, and the price of these "opportunities" will vary depending on the selected direction.

Summing up we can say that if you choose Glion Institute you will open not only a splendid view over Geneva Lake and the Alps for you, but also the landscape into a great professional future.