360° View: Queens University in Kingston, Canada

Everything you wanted to know about Queens University in Kingston.

"It’s just me, myself and…Queens!"

"Explore, think and act" – this is how the slogan of Queens University can be described. Being one of the most famous universities in Canada in terms of scholarship support to students, social responsibility and research, Queens University offers its students Bachelor's and Master's programs in a wide variety of scientific fields, ranging from business and astrophysics to fine arts and medicine. The University is also known for many achievements of its schools of clinical biomedicine, computing and engineering, social sciences and business, in particular; it is a place of activities of more than 25,000 scientists, artists, researchers, professors and students from around the world who are united by one thing: they clearly imagine the future and really work hard to achieve it.

Queens graduates are known businessmen, politicians and Nobel Prize winners. Moreover, comfort, warm atmosphere and friendly relations both among students and teachers make the University the most popular among students in Canada. Are you interested? Then, read on. In the article you will find everything you wanted to know about Queens University in Kingston.

About Queens University in general

To begin with, Queens is more than a half-century of traditions, academic excellence and research activities, but, nevertheless, a combination of modern facilities and innovative teaching programs. People in Queens are real experts in their field, for which the main thing is to use this knowledge to solve contemporary urgent problems and change the world for the better. For this purpose, all the conditions have been created here; even given the fact that the university campus is a small area, it combines 6 libraries, a number of professional colleges, schools and scientific and technological laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment, as well as perfect museums and cultural centers, namely, Agnes Ezerington Arts Center and Isabelle Baders Queens Theatre Centre known throughout Canada. Thus, the University can meet academic and creative needs of any student of the Faculty at the highest level.


Queens is a multi-industry university with a dynamic training program, which is mainly aimed at the practical application of acquired knowledge and conduct of own research. The University offers a variety of different schools - commerce, arts, applied sciences, law, engineering and technology, social sciences, medicine, but the most famous and productive ones are faculties and schools of:

  • Computer science and engineering;
  • Study of the globalization phenomenon;
  • Clinical biomedicine;
  • Ecology and study of alternative energy sources; 
  • Study of social problems;  
  • Business.

The above-mentioned faculties and schools is the pride of the University, because they have one of the most effective training programs in Canada. For example, the biomedical faculty, which has glorified Queens as the fourth among the most promising medical universities in Canada, or the faculty of social problems, based on the Queens Project on International Development, the student organization that collaborates with the Public Construction centers, not only in Canada but also in Guyana, Ghana, Bolivia, Peru, India, and Nicaragua, and, of course, the faculty of computer science and engineering, which students have the opportunity to work with the best professors and the latest achievements in the world of technology in an effort to realize their ideas.

Queens Business School is the first business school in the world. Being the winner of the "Triple Crown", namely, prestigious international accreditations by AACSB, EQUIS and the Association of MBAs, the school is the most innovative in Canada (it really is the first line in the official rankings), offering students an academic advantage and most valuable work experience during their studies. There are such programs as MBA and Executive MBA, Master's programs on global management, public and corporate development programs of the Leader Development Center. In general, if you are aiming to get the first-class business education, then you will not find a place better than Queens for that in Canada.

In addition, Queens has created very interesting programs for future ecologists: its Earth Centre, where they discuss the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st century and the ways to resolve them, and the Climate Action Plan, approved in 2010, by the Rector of the University and working in collaboration with Delphi Group.  This means that students who are interested in eco-challenges, have the opportunity to work with already professional ecologists, plan and create new mechanisms and projects aimed mainly at controlling emissions of industrial waste and climate change. However, the most curious innovation is Vermicomposting, the students’ community, which investigates the use of red mosquito larvae for decomposition of organic matters.

Campus and Student Life 

Queens Campus is a small area, which nevertheless has everything you need: supermarkets, cafes, clinical centers, sports complexes and 17 hostels for students. Queens welcomes the most diverse student communities; great attention is paid to the ideas of social equality, volunteer activities and environments movements.

Queens students are young people from more than 110 countries, they are open and friendly. The University also offers a wealth of opportunities for the development of potential of sportsmen (more than 30 sports clubs, even archery), pool, fitness (yoga, dance) and gyms. The University has its own student self-government, anyone can join and work, and also it has its own radio and media. The campus is full of places where you can have a great free time, and have a dense and tasty meal.

The campus is located on the coastal area, 15 minutes from Kingstown, the third most popular city in Canada, so it is possible to go to the city, if necessary.

Admission requirements for foreign students and tuition fees

Study in Queens on the Bachelor program for foreign students is from CAD $ 20,000 to $ 29,000 depending on the faculty chosen. Master's program is cheaper: CAD $ 7,500 - $ 13,000.

Requirements for admission:

  • IELTS Band Score 7.0 and higher or TOEFL 88 and higher;
  • High school diploma;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Additional requirements depending on the faculty.

Why Queens?

A more practical and flexible approach to education, different programs and professional schools, academic teaching staff, which is really interested in teaching, hundreds of opportunities to develop your hobbies and interests - only a part of all that Queens University can offer you. Oh, and by the way. You've probably heard of Elon Musk, a billionaire engineer, a founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and Space X companies? Or David Lloyd Johnston, one of the most prominent law professors and current Governor General of Canada? Just like several thousand students who annually choose to study in Queens, they once also were eager to get the necessary knowledge and start taking actions. Now, they have already achieved their dreams and become those who are able to stand out from the crowd and achieve something meaningful. Do you want to be one of those who change the world? Then, Queens University is exactly what you need.