The «Brilliant» Named Switzerland. Part 4. Swiss Healthcare and Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in Switzerland is gaining momentum.

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The so-called medical tourism has been getting more and more popular among the citizens of the CIS in the last several decades. This sphere of tourist business does not need a special introduction. Today, millions of people travel around the globe, combining recreation with the possibility to improve their health.  To be more precise, "to improve health" is primary, and the opportunity to relax at the same time is not for everyone. Sometimes it is necessary to fork up "the last hard-earned money": a traveler has to pay for a ticket and stay in the clinic, and services of a health care practitioner are not as cheap as chicken feed. Because their main purpose is high-quality medicine, and the services of such "profs", which could not be found at home for various reasons. It’s no time for recreation!

Although, people of different incomes, different status and for different reasons apply for the services of a foreign "doctoring". These reasons are generally boiled down to two:

  • distrust of medicine and its followers in the homeland - where is the guarantee that you won’t get "into hands" of a minor-intern, after applying the Hippocratic methods of which you will have to be sorry… if I have to;
  • a trip to the countries in which the cost of the necessary medical services will be ten times lower - the desire to save on their own health despite the generally known imperative.

Everything is quite clear with distrust of "native" medicine. Numerous "tourists" (mainly from Eastern Europe and the CIS countries) go for health to more advanced countries, which clinics offer high quality service, the latest equipment and top-notch professionals. Switzerland is deservedly referred to such luminaries of medicine.

The second point is also directly related to the "Alpine republic". Switzerland on this map of medical tourism destinations was also noted as the point of arrival, and the point of departure. Let's start with the second, as the least important one – the subject of the article, after all, presents the country as a "brilliant". So why do the go "from"?

Numerous Swiss health care funds, the activity of which resembles the work of various organizations of medical insurance in other European countries, quite efficiently support the health of their wards. And they do not even try to do business on this. However, there is a "small" but: funds do not provide the citizens of Switzerland with free dental care and dentist services in this country are so expensive that it is easier to go to a dentist abroad. "Dental tourism" in Switzerland is a very common phenomenon, and all sorts of travel agencies make a very good money by sending their customers to cure teeth to the countries of Eastern Europe. The cost of a two-way ticket, hotel accommodation, and even shopping in between sessions at the dentist, for example, in Hungary, is equal to the amount that you have to pay for treatment at a Swiss dentist. And there is no place for the famous Swiss arrogance: the best - means the Swiss. This is understandable, since the price of the issue is 250 CH for a filing and 2000 CH for a tooth crown.

At the same time, when the Swiss say goodbye to happy Helvetia and go on the "Dental Voyage" the country is "attacked" by the crowds who came to receive medical treatment. Why Switzerland?

The Swiss health care, alas, does not take the first lines in various top rankings of countries with the best medicine, and Switzerland was not included into the top ten in the WHO official ranking for 2016. But the relativity of ranking objectivity has long become a commonplace. For example, America, with its economy, scientific potential and ambitions for world domination, can not even get in the top 10 for many years. Despite the rating results, the Swiss medicine is one of the best in the global health paradigm. And no counterarguments can be here. The country managed to create a unique system of medical care with a compulsory insurance of citizens and persons who reside in its territory for more than three months. According to the Swiss law, employers pay employees the opportunity to obtain quality health care. The state takes over medical care of unemployed and those whose financial situation does not allow paying for insurance. The result is a low mortality rate, one of the world's highest life expectancies, and the best life quality indicators.

The country is full of all sorts of sanatoriums, health and recreation resorts, and rehabilitation centers, organized around mineral springs. The Swiss widely promote, cultivate and simply "idolize" their medicine, and the very medical-community resembles a private membership club closed for strangers. Strangers are primarily foreigners for whom it is unreal to enter a Swiss medical university or get a job as a doctor. Veto and there you are!

Main advantages of treatment in Switzerland.  

  • High level of medicine. (major investment from the state allowed the Swiss medicine to make all serious scientific discoveries of recent years in the areas such as cancer, surgery on the brain and bone marrow, the possibility of getting rid of such incurable diseases as diabetes and others.).
  • Equipping hospitals with last generation machines (devices replacing laser equipment for less traumatic interventions, for example) allowed the use of a regular scalpel only in rare, extreme cases.
  • Availability of innovative diagnostic expert-class equipment, and computer control operation means allows making operations as soon as possible.
  • Absence of queues.
  • Carrying out the treatment in terms of confidentiality.  

In recent years such areas as plastic surgery, artificial insemination, VIP-birth are especially popular. But the latest diagnosis and treatment using the latest developments in science and technology, can be received absolutely in all medical fields.

For a long time and all over the world the brand "Swiss treatment" means first-class quality and result guarantee. A high level of knowledge, skills, competence and ultimate responsibility of Swiss doctors - all of that, to a greater extent, is the merit of the educational system in which framework future doctors theoretically comprehend and put into practice the experience of precursor physicians for 14 years.

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