Best secondary education at prestigious schools and colleges around the globe

Advantages of attending elite private schools

  • Prestigious school – elite University A prestigious high school will open the doors to the world's TOP universities for your child.
  • Unique principles of pedagogy Individual schedule for everyone. Already at school, a child learns the basics of the future profession.
  • Freedom of communication There will be more native languages!
  • Creative development Theater, music, dancing, rhetoric, painting - your child will touch the world of art!
  • Physical development The school provides all opportunities for sports, attracting professionals.
  • Lifelong network A friendship between elite school children is a strong friendship without geographical borders!

Why Parents Choose Education Standard!

  • Easy adaptation We, the employees of Education Standard Consulting Group, and your children live as one big and friendly family. Our friendly team will help your child to get adapted so quickly that he (she) does not even feel oneself as in a foreign country.
  • Care and solicitude We stand for an active lifestyle! Your child will never remain alone, he will always be active and positive. Communicating with your children, we motivate them to learn new things, gain as much experience as possible and achieve their goals.
  • Only trusted schools We are professionals in our field. We offer you the best schools and colleges in the world that we have personally visited. The Education Standard Consulting Group team will help you collect all the necessary documents for training and apply for a visa.
  • Security and control Elite foreign schools, with whom we cooperate, guarantee the full safety of your child. And you, parents, will be able to observe every step and every action of your child through online (direct) broadcast.

Schools and Colleges from all over the world

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Overseas secondary education

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