Why partner with Education Standard?

Committed Partner Relationship Manager.

Each Education Standard client has a devoted Partner Relationship Manager from the team. If you want to discuss how Education Standard can help meet your global objectives, or indeed any subject about Education Standard, get in touch with our representative.

Based in Uzbekistan, our team has a wealth of experience gained from both the higher education and private sectors and have the first-hand knowledge of operating in a complex recruitment background. In addition to being accessible for questions, your Partner Relationship Manager will meet with you regularly about our performance and your strategic aims. With a global range, we can also provide comprehensive insight. If you have a question about a market, contact your client relationship manager.

Genuine applications that convert.

To assure we only send you applications from genuine and high-quality students, we have more than 15 highly-prepared counselors that use industry-leading technology.

In our day-to-day operations, we use CRM system Salesforce, that includes the performance data of every student so that we can associate institutions against each student’s criteria and medians. Obtaining the right match for students and universities is at the core of what we do. Once a client has a shortlist of choices, we counsel them from an Apex to Salesforce called Einstein AI. The Einstein AI Data Base has full details about your institution and what you have to offer, including your prospectus material, photos, and videos. There’s no uncertainty that just because your prospectus isn’t in one of our offices, or you’re not profoundly funding in a market, that your potential students won’t be counseled precisely, consistently and efficiently.

As evidence of the quality of our counseling and the effectiveness of our matching process, we know that 85% of Education Standard students are in the top 30% of their graduating class.

On-Spot Development Capabilities

Education Standard is intensely blended with the local education society in Uzbekistan. The company’s country directors are well-respected members of Uzbekistan and often have direct access to influencers in high schools and universities primarily local and national governments. Overseas education is desired in our specific markets, and Education Standard’s local guidance has the distinct power to create opportunities for the company’s university partners.

Through expos, workshops, seminars, and in-country marketing and publicity, Education Standard can create new demand for degree programs, helping institutions find precise types of students.

Skillful Practice

Education Standard has a corporate strategy of reliability and transparency in dealing with educational associates and the clients who entrust their destiny to us.

Education Standard’s 18+ year reputation is based on friendly, cultivated advice and service, and the provision of efficient and timely application processing per strict government compliance guidelines.

State of the Art Counseling Services

Experienced counselors with proper training performance with families to direct students to the appropriate school – one that best satisfies their requirements and aspirations.

Our sophisticated counseling processes evaluate academic knowledge, language proficiency and aptitude to pay, along with less measurable criteria such as geographical preference, character and proposed use of the degree, and meet the findings with an in-depth outline of the university.

Industry Experience

Education Standard has several decades experience working with university admissions offices under acrimonious professional standards. At Education Standard, we work in partnership with institutions of all education divisions, from secondary schools to universities, to recruit students who want to study in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand or Europe.

By recognizing an individual client’s aims, we help to place them to their best advantage in a more competitive international setting.

For example, many study destination countries make institutions accountable for the actions of their agents, and during our history operating under these standards, we’ve placed more than 3,000 students into the higher education system.

We are bringing that experience and expertise to all study destinations, extending tailored marketing and promotional assistance, cost-effective recruitment, market intelligence, and regular reporting.

Events and exhibitions

Education Standard provides a series of events for our clients to meet prospective students. Our expos, workshops, events may be tinier than the types of exhibitions you have handled, but they serve on the policy of quality rather than quantity to ensure you maximize your time. All students are pre-counseled prior you meet them, and you should consequently only see students with natural interest and with the objective study at your institution. No time-wasters or brochure hunters! Considering all students also recorded into our Client Relationship Management system, we will automatically follow up with them and provide you with an authentic list of attendees and their contact details.

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