My childhood dream has come true – I study Australia

05 January, 2017
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The subjects that I chose to study at Macquarie University, were so involving that I could spend all day in a library or read articles online! "What else? What if I missed something? Well, it’s getting more interesting," my brain thought)))

I was very carefully choosing a University...

I was very carefully choosing a university, but certainly in Australia. After entering Macquarie University, I was looking forward to leaving for Sydney. I arrived there a month before the beginning of the study, i.e., in late January, to get used to a completely new rhythm of life. In Australia, summer holidays are counted from December to February, and the study begins in late February.

Australian accent did not seem something so very complicated, I quickly got used to it. At first, it was fun, of course)) Australians have a clear tendency to cut all long words in everyday communication. But it does not hinder understanding :)

The university, where I study is Macquarie University. Since I am an international student, I was taken to the preparatory course at the Faculty of Arts. However, it does not mean that I am engaged in drawing or design))) In the foreign educational system everything that is not related to the exact sciences or medicine, is called "art", the humanities in our words. And a bachelor's degree is called Bachelor of Arts.

I really liked the system of teaching and the opportunity to choose subjects, i.e., each student makes his individual schedule. During a semester, you should take 2-3 compulsory subjects, as well as several extra ones that may be not included into the selected scope of the undergraduate program. On the preparatory course, it helps determine whether the program on which you will have to study for 3 years later, has been chosen properly. It so happened with me. When I was entering, I was going to learn International Communication. But I knew exactly by the end of the school year, that Criminology was waiting for me further.

When I was going to take one subject, as an extra, then I found out that almost 60% of students could not pass it on the first try. This is entertaining, I thought then) And what do you think? I was so fascinated by this subject, a mixture of analytics, psychology, psychiatry, and even that at the end of the semester I passed it for 85%. 85!!! I am still as happy as a pig in mud) It helped me change the initial decision and on the 2nd year begin to study with a focus on Criminology.

It's great that international students who have successfully completed a preparatory course at Macquarie University, can already begin to study on the 2nd year of the undergraduate program.

Macquarie University is a city

Macquarie University Campus is 126 hectares with educational facilities, office buildings, research laboratories, lawns for relaxing. Here there is everything necessary for life of students, even its own coffee shop (where I, by the way, moonlighted all year). It will take 30 minutes to go from one end of the campus to the other! But is the distance important, when the world of knowledge opens before you, which is waiting for an inquisitive mind to share its most hidden secrets?

Part of the campus where students live, is called a "village". The cottage, where I live, is very comfortable, bright and modern, with a shared kitchen and a large fridge <3. The cottage is two-storey building with 5 rooms only. I live in one of them:) Our laundry is located in a separate building as well as a sports complex.

I was very lucky with a neighbor on the floor)) She is Indian from England and loves to cook, always treats me;) Unfortunately, I can’t cook myself every day, so we, with our friends often have dinner in a cafe nearby.

Prices in the cafe are very affordable. Being a student in Australia is generally favorable. Students are constantly provided with discounts in cafes and shops, as well as for visiting various events and exhibitions. Near the university there is a bowling club, where every Monday all students can play bowling for free:)

Independent life in Australia taught me how to control my spending and organize everyday life. I am ashamed to admit, at first I was looking for socks of one pair in a closet: D Everything comes with experience. Here I realized that I had done well to come to Sydney 1 month prior to study)))

It is very safe in our campus, as well as throughout Sydney. People are friendly and helpful. For those students who, for whatever reason, delayed in the city and it is too late to return to the village, there is a free night bus going within the campus area, that runs on environmentally-friendly fuel.

Generally speaking, in Australia a lot of attention is paid to the environment. Everywhere around there are eco-friendly devices, windmills, solar panels. The city is clean, you get a great aesthetic pleasure from simple walks. By the way, here cockatoos fly as our doves))

Australians are simply crazy of healthy lifestyles. They always go in for sports, jogging in the streets. They literally infect by their sportiness!

The police in Australia works at the highest level, it is a personal observation. So I look forward to studying at the Faculty of Criminology. "

It is not boring here

"There's always something going on! Every day I meet new people. All are very different. I have made many friends from different countries. We always spend weekends together. We are never bored!

From the first days of study I was surprised that Macquarie University students were very organized. At the university there are many clubs: debates, photography, even funraising for charitable purposes, and many others. Students constantly organize competitions and quizzes. The students’ movement of Macquarie University is supported by the university administration, which is very cool I think.

In Uzbekistan, I was very fond of hiking in the mountains, or just travelling. For a year of studying in Sydney I have almost gone around it (see photos :)) I had time to visit the capital of Australia - Canberra. Interestingly, it was quite a small town, unlike Sydney.

Sydney is located only 20 km from the hilly area where the famous Blue Mountains are located. I liked it there very much.

Sydney regularly hosts various festivals and concerts. Their attendance is very high. Most of exhibitors and visitors are the youth, of course.

Surprisingly, I found out that there was even a night travelling library in Sydney! It is a small van with books, which runs through the city at night. You can take a book, read a story, and discuss it with a librarian. Just great!

Since the childhood I have dreamt of studying in Australia. This decision was intuitive. And my instinct did not fail me! Everything worked out for me easily and successfully. For me it is a sign: Australia is the right choice.