HULT Boston: Technologies to aid the learning process

06 January, 2017
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Hello everybody! I write to you from the wonderful city of Boston, where I study international finance at Master’s  at Hult International Business School.

Chosing HULT – a deliberate decision  

My decision to study at the business school was well thought out. I addressed to several consulting companies, many of them offered me the same universities. Education Standard first listened to me carefully, learned about my plans and requirements to universities, and only then offered several options. I applied to several universities, but in the end opted for HULT. In addition, it was Hult that offered me a partial scholarship of considerable amount. I can not say it's amount, since we are taught that financial issues are a personal matter of everyone :) In addition, Hult has campuses in San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Shanghai, Dubai, and the university offers a program of rotation, i.e., during the time of studying at Master’s you can study in 2 cities.

Here we have a very international atmosphere, with students from many countries of the world - the United States, England, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Russia. However, Uzbekistan is represented by only two students. It's only the beginning! ))

We have a very high-tech campus!

To go inside, everyone should have a special electronic ID-card. Even the elevator is called by means of a touch screen - we enter the number of the desired floor, and the system calculates which elevator will take you to the desired floor faster.

In Boston HULT, in addition to comfortable lecture rooms there are also the so-called rooms for training - study rooms. Here we meet with fellow students after classes and do homework. The Hult educational system is aimed at solving practical problems - Case Study, therefore, the entire course is divided into small groups of 5-6 people, and professors give 1 assignment for a group. The most convenient in the classrooms is a whiteboard on the wall and a large monitor, which can be connected to a computer)) Each room named after cities - Lisbon, Istanbul, Zurich and so on. By the way, all the homework we get through the online portal - myhult, where we also upload the tasks performed.

In lecture halls 1 wall is completely made of glass, offering a great view of Boston downtown:) In addition to lectures on the compulsory subjects, guest lecturers frequently speak here - leading businessmen who share with us their experiences.  There are no roll calls and absence records in the register. Attendance system is electronic as well – at the entrance to a lecture hall, there is the device on which you have to leave a fingerprint, and it is considered that the student has attended the lecture.

On each floor of the campus, there is also a kitchenette - fridges, drinks, microwave ... everything to feed the brain between classes :) And for the recreation - comfortable sofas, chairs, ping pong, even a PlayStation! And for the study - modern IMACs with really high-speed Internet and connection to a printer. Any student can come and write any job or print out a document.

And there are lockers on ... timer! Get the keys away, you just need to set a timer on the locker, and the locker will open at that time. The main thing is to be on time! It seems like a joke? It has its own purpose. At Hult, we are taught that punctuality is a sign of good manners in business.

At Hult we learn not only direct subjects on our program, but also business ethics, how to communicate with employers, colleagues and partners; how to write a CV, what to say on interviews and much more. Hult graduates work in the world of branded companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, Google. I am very happy I’ve chosen Hult Boston.