IELTS in Toronto, City of My Future Student Plans

06 December, 2016
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I have long ago decided that I will study on the Bachelor’s program abroad, in English. Ever since, I came to the active phase of learning English and preparing for taking the IETLS exam. Of course, you can learn English at home, but you can go on an exciting educational journey to an English-speaking country and improve skills of communication in the English language practically to native speaking. As I did, with the support of my dear parents, of course.

It all happened so quickly!

I found ILAC School on the Internet. It has English courses on Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. for students from around the world. After reading the reviews, I immediately decided to apply to the school. My goal was a preparatory course for the IELTS exam and successful passing with a good score. I passed a preliminary test in order to be admitted by the school and so that they could determine the current level of knowledge of English. Education Standard Consulting Group helped me with the paperwork and getting visa to Canada, for which I’m GREATLY thankful to them ^_^ I got a 9-year multi-entry visa to Canada!!!

Meet me, Canada!

I flew to Canada with 2 transfers. While being in the Tashkent airport, I could not imagine how it was to cross a half of the Earth and find yourself in the other hemisphere! When I saw endless greenery and lakes from the airplane, I felt at once that there it was, CANADA! Now I know that it's cool)) And those 20 hours that I spent on the way surely were worth it!

My parents and I had been planning this trip since April and in early June, I went down the ladder at the airport of Toronto. Having got in a car, I saw a long smooth road with tall trees along. Like a shot from a foreign movie))) I was pleasantly surprised by the weather - it was not so cold, but not as hot as in Tashkent. Canadians are sooo sociable and smiling. Honestly, I've never heard so many "thank you" and "excuse me" anywhere, they are very courteous people. I immediately joined in the atmosphere.

I'm only 17 years old, so I was placed in the family. (Only students over 19 years old can live separately in a residence.) The house was located close to ILAC school, it took me 30 minutes to get there by bus and subway, as a real student :) The family was just SUPER! I almost became a full member of the family ^_^ I was also fed by the family. Communication and recreation with them did not let me be bored on weekends. It is very important that ILAC lodges international students only with proven families, with a good reputation, previously passed special check. It is a guarantor of security.

My goal good is IELTS score  

ILAC school has a very modern building, as well as interior design and style of teaching. The school is not far from the center of Toronto and consists of 4 buildings. Students from around the world are distributed by levels and courses of English. The interior is very colorful, with a creative design, and most importantly – it gives a sense of comfort. This helps to create a very friendly atmosphere and motivation for learning.

Teachers had an open-minded attitude to everybody, they do not have any favorites, or "bad guys", they are always smiling and friendly. And patient, of course))) Every day we had interactive lessons with a large volume of information and materials from a variety of sources. Everything was in English, but it was very clear!

After school, we also had no time for boredom! The department for the amusement of students at the school (this is how it is called in the translation :)) organized different parties, excursions and walks through the city of Toronto to allow students to relax after a hard study and get acquainted with the culture of Canada, to communicate more in English!

Canadians speak very quickly and at first, it took me a while to begin being quick to grasp their words. Everything comes with experience)) Every day I listened to podcasts and watched TV shows in English with subtitles in order to achieve a decent level of English.

Upon arrival I began to prepare immediately for taking the IELTS exam – I went to the library to pull up the reading level and find additional resources. I have never had a problem with grammar, but the perception of speech and speaking were markedly improved in Canada. Captain Obvious))) but it’s a FACT!

Upon arrival, I immediately signed up for taking the exam through the Internet, the process took only a minute! Unlike Tashkent, IELTS spiking day in Toronto is appointed on the day of exam, not another day. For me it is very convenient to complete all at once and not worry a day longer :) On August 13, after a little bit more than 2 months of stay in Toronto, I passed the IELTS exam and the result was 6.5 ^_^

Find time to do everything  

During all the time spent in Canada Education Standard kept in touch. They advised which universities in Ontario should be visited. While being in Tashkent, I planned a week-long tour to the cities, where the universities were located.

From outside it seemed that it was very difficult or even unimaginable for a teenager from Uzbekistan, who had never been to Canada, to complete such an intense excursion. But taking the first step, it is no longer possible to go back!

Universities turned out to be just great! Modern classrooms, libraries, extensive courtyards for strolling... I had time to visit the University of Toronto - the leading institute for research programs in Canada, founded in 1827, York University - the second-largest university in the state of Ontario, Queen's University, with students from more than 100 countries, McGill University, which offers more than 300 undergraduate programs and is considered Canadian Institute of №1 in the field of medicine, and McMaster University – a research "monster" in the field of education

A short-time teaching experience in another system of teaching is also very useful for the balanced growth. Communication with peers from around the world, from other cultures, is useful and fun!

I strongly advise all parents to send their children to such trips, as a child will get a great experience and will be able to evolve in terms of adaptation to various situations in life. In addition to the English learning program, to be away from your parents for some time is a kind of test, which can certainly bring you a good experience. Even just to fly to Canada and not to get lost during transfers at airports or on the way to school is a big step for the independent student's life in the future)))

After returning from such trip, you already feel different, more confident, I would say. There is a ground for reflections and an opportunity to rethink life goals or set new ones!