Switzerland is a Smithy of Service Managers

12 July, 2015
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Now I'm a student of the Business Hotel Management School, in Lucerne, Switzerland. Switzerland - is the best place to study hotel management and BHMS offers a rapid program of academic study and 1.5 years of internship in Switzerland or abroad - it is a great advantage.

There are several reasons why I decided to study abroad. First, my mother always wanted me to study abroad at one of the "top" universities. Second, a prestigious diploma helps build a successful career in the future and to find a high-paid job.

My first experience of staying and studying abroad was a trip to London. I do not know why - I was not afraid of finding myself abroad alone! After completing the course in London, I initially was going to continue studying there, then I thought about studying in Australia. But Swiss hospitality universities are still the best in the world.

The first day in Switzerland was nice. No worries and feelings: BHMS driver met me at the Zurich airport and took to the campus. And on the first day at the University, I remember, I met with the guys from Germany and Hong Kong.

The educational system here reminds the British one, but to be honest, exams and presentations here are given easier than in London. All of our teachers have a practical experience in the discipline they teach.  Which is more important it is international. Over the past three semesters, I had teachers from Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, Czech Republic and Canada.

The school offers an excellent teaching strategy: each student must pass the course of service, which is essential for future career and, of course, annual paid internships - a unique opportunity to get a diploma, already having practical experience.

BHMS has six modern campuses, centrally located near the center of Lucerne. As a rule, lessons last 5 hours every day, they are interesting and interactive. There are 10-15 students in a class.

Students have a choice of living conditions: BHMS has several campuses with studio-apartments, all buildings are within walking distance of each other. I live in one of the best campuses, which is a five minutes walk from the main building, it looks like a hotel.

Switzerland - one of the safest countries in the world! The place where we live is absolutely safe, here I never faced with aggression.

Here there are a lot of things to do! For example, on a vacation, I went to London, Rome, Paris, Milan, traveled to Switzerland. Do not be surprised - Milan, Geneva, Zurich, Paris are very close. On weekends I usually go skiing, play football and hockey, participate in activities, which are organized by the School.

The University has recently organized a football tournament. One team had to consist of people from the same countries or with similar language and culture, for example, guys from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Nepal played together. And in our team there were guys from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. And we won in the final game! In addition, I participated in a local hockey tournament in Lucerne, and our team took second place.

Lucerne is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Switzerland. What do I like here? A lot of. I do like a lot of in this country. For example, I love Switzerland for its punctuality. Here everybody works on a schedule. People are friendly, speak mostly in German and French, but know English and will always help any foreigner.  I remember when I spoke to passers-by in Paris, Rome and Milan in English, whether they did not want to, or could not answer. In the whole Switzerland and in Lucerne in particular people are very polite and helpful. In addition, Switzerland is in the heart of Europe - it is very convenient to travel by train or aircraft.

Switzerland is ideal for those looking for development. Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, so here you will be able to learn not one, not two, but four languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh (in addition to English, in which lessons are conducted). In addition, education at BHMS is very practical, and students can always learn what exactly is useful in life. For example, I study German and French and feel how greatly I have developed my communication and presentation skills.

Independent life in Switzerland taught me to solve problems independently, to be independent, to find contact with people of different cultures. But the main thing - my life has become so much fun! I always learn new things, have met wonderful guys from China, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE, Italy, Great Britain, Russia and Kazakhstan. We do not miss the opportunities opened for us, and travel to Switzerland and Europe, breathe clean air, eat Swiss chocolate and cheese, enjoy the mountains, lakes, beautiful nature and unique student time!