Learning to count - studying accounting at Adelphi Univeristy in New York

12 January, 2017
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Hello everybody! My name is Said, I'm from Tashkent. Now I learn the basics of accounting on the Bachelor’s program at Adelphi University in New York. Despite the huge variety of universities in the United States, I chose Adelphi as the university had offered me a very impressive scholarship:) I purposefully reached such a result, previously passed SAT with a score of 1800, and TOEFL iBT with a score of 94.

Why did I strain my muscles and passed SAT?

Because this test opens more possibilities, such as becoming of the 1st year student at once, without any additional English or math lessons (for my program, for example). This test also influences obtaining the grant.

About entering Adelphi University

I was looking for a university for a very long time, literally "prowling" through all sites, making a research. But this process took too much time, and I decided to apply to an agency offering education abroad, seeing that there was a great variety of them in Tashkent. I knew exactly that I wanted to study in the United States. However, many agents offered American universities, which did not meet my high demands to a university, so they offered universities in Canada or Australia, but I was not interested, because I wanted to enter a top-rated university in the United States. Thus, through trial and error, I found Education Standard. There I was offered a large variety of universities in the US and was advised to apply to several universities in different cities in the United States at the same time. I got Offer Letters from 7 of the 8 universities, as well as different amounts of grants. However, my choice fell on Adelphi University since their grant was the largest, and the university itself was located in one of the financial centers of the world – in the city of New York.

First impressions of New York

This is euphoria in a pure form. Everything seemed so bright and awesome! Then I calmed down and student weekdays began. I made friends with many of the guys and I can say that we have formed our own company. Every weekend, we walk around the city or go to Manhattan.

What I like the most…

First, the approach to teaching – the way we sit during lesson; how the teacher explains the topic; how exercises and problems are solved. The approach is a little bit different from the one usual to me, sometimes I have to self study a little bit more, but I can understand everything. Just don’t be lazy!

Second, the high culture of the English speech. For example, our teacher in economics lectures in a language that it seems like I'm reading a book – everything is in a very beautiful classical literary language. At the same time, the professor explains the subject very clearly.

Third, the campus itself! It is a very large, green student city - a sports hall, gym, dining room, places for recreation...

About additional opportunities...

Americans are very friendly. My university provides great opportunities for extra-curricular life, lots of extracurricular activities and clubs. Due to the fact that I study accounting, additionally I have become a member of the Accounting Club. I learned about it from the e-mail – the university administration regularly sends very informative newsletters on this topic. And even more!

About side job in the United States...

I made a big mistake ... Under the US law, international students are eligible to have side jobs on campus territory, where they study, but not more than 20 hours a week. By the time I realized it, all the vacancies on the campus were closed. So if you are planning to have a part time job while studying, organize everything in advance. In addition, the internship in the United States during the study is also provided by the University, you just need to study well and purposefully go for it.

To all those who are planning to enter a university in the United States, relying on my own experience, I would advise to start intensive English and mathematics training in advance, even from the 9th grade, probably, in order to successfully prepare for TOEFL and SAT or ACT. Do not be afraid of difficulties. Believe me, study in the US is worth it!