To see Barcelona ... and STUDY!

14 January, 2017
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If I never had questions about the educational program, I had to think a lot about the question WHERE TO STUDY abroad. While being a student of Interhouse in Tashkent, I passed IELTS with a score of 7.5. With this result, and excellent grades at the lyceum it is possible to enter any university, so it was even more difficult to make the choice... Therefore, we decided to seek specialized assistance at Education Standard, about whom I had learned from Facebook.

Thinking conventionally at that time, I thought that studying in English was possible only in the countries where English was the official language, for example in the US or England. However, everything turned out to be much more interesting. The agency offered us a very large selection of universities in Europe, where all lessons are conducted in English - in Latvia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain... When I found out that in Barcelona there was such a university, the choice was made by itself - study in English, the warm Spanish climate and the opportunity to personally enjoy the game of my favorite football team «Barcelona»! Thus, I became a student of Bachelor's program "Business Administration” at EU Business School Barcelona!

To see Barcelona…

Barcelona is an incredibly beautiful city! Everything and everyone is constantly on the move. The center is full of tourists. People here are very polite and friendly, everybody has a tolerant attitude to each other. Life in Barcelona is so intense that jams occur even in the subway when trains wait for each other in tunnels))) BUT all of that is nothing when you go out into the city and the positive atmosphere captures and takes you to something unknown. Or when you go to the sea ... it became very important to me. I live in a residence not far from the coast, near Marina subway station. And every time I feel sad or homesick, I just should walk 20 minutes to the beach and all the sadness vanished as if by magic!

I became a fan of seafood)) I had my favorite cafes and coffee shops - Arkadios grill, Furawa sushi - Japanese cuisine, Mari - Georgian cuisine, Suvenir - Russian cuisine, Nostrum, Via café, Barnbier, right on the coast... As you can see from the names, in Barcelona the cuisine is as diverse as its tourists))) and the Spanish cuisine is awesome! I tasted paella and fell in love with this dish)))

There are a lot of students from the CIS, many of whom have become my friends for life. In my spare time we go to the football, volleyball and attend other cultural events. Incidentally, many of them are organized by EU Business School. To me, this is a great approach: serious studying during a day on weekdays, and in the evenings and weekends - activities, walking and so on. It helps to have rest from mental work and make friends with fellow students from different countries of the world.

Sometimes my friends and me just walk around the city and enjoy the indescribable atmosphere of this centuries-old city, its architecture and culture. I'm a big fan of the old town and the structure of Sagrada Familia. I can spend hours looking at this amazing creation of Gaudí. Unfortunately, there was no time to get inside, as there was always a long queue, but I will do it!

and… STUDY!

The EU Business School’s rules are very strict, ranging from late attendances and absences to homework and dress code, everything is in business style. Sometimes even for blatant misconduct, late attendances or a failure to comply with the rules of using the phone or internet during the lessons guilty students are punished. But I totally agree with that, because we are the future businessmen and it perfectly develops a serious discipline and responsibility for the future.

Study in English at EU Business School in Spain has given me a lot. Knowledge is very serious, and I immediately begin to apply it in everyday life. For example, I have learned to control my costs thanks to Accounting and IT software subjects. In addition, we learn manners and the rules of conduct in the field of business and professional writing literacy.  

The teaching style is very modern. All professors are very sociable, they teach subjects in an interesting manner, involving all of us into the process. Often we do a case study, i.e. we analyze cases and situations from the real business of existing companies. If you suddenly do not understand something, you can always ask for help or ask any question regarding the subject matter, and any professor is happy to help, but only on condition that the student is interested in studying and trying to understand and assimilate all the information.