Wellington College - the school with the traditions of English lords

15 January, 2017
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As they say, to spend time in England is always a great idea. Since the early childhood, I had a dream to go somewhere alone. To live abroad (even for 3 weeks) is quite a big step, but the benefits are not small. My goal in this trip was in the need to develop spiritually, mentally and physically, to obtain the maximum benefit. I have to say that this trip completely met all of my expectations. It perfectly combines everything you need for a good and cognitive rest: cutting-edge areas and historical past, an abundance of sights and interesting traditions, a lot of entertainment for every taste and kindness of local residents. When you look down at cozy houses with burgundy roofs in alleys, you realize that it is a paradise for perfectionists!

But the essence is in Wellington College, where we have lived and studied. It is situated not far from London, in the town of Crowthorne.

Having arrived in the college, we were greeted by a very nice staff - managers, administrators, and activity-leaders, we quickly found a common language with all of them.

The territory of Wellington is insanely beautiful, part of it is occupied by beautiful gardens and excellent playing fields, different campuses and the greatest buildings of Wellington. We lived on the campus, in cozy rooms.

On the second day after arrival, after English breakfast, we were sent to pass exams for the distribution by levels. I got Level 5 - Advanced.

For all these days I was surrounded only by foreigners: Italians, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish and peers from many other countries. Words can not convey, what emotions were with me at that moment, I very liked the atmosphere, the people, to learn a new culture and share information.

We had daily lessons which lasted 3.5 hours (they were conducted by 2 teachers, 1.5 hours for each). The teachers were very energetic and vibrant. They immediately inspired us to fruitful cooperation, gave us confidence in our abilities, motivated for tomorrow, to be willing to participate in the learning process and look forward to the next lesson. Upon completion of the course, each of us obtained a certificate, which was presented by the director.

In addition to the studies we were provided with free time for entertainment and activities to choose from: swimming pool, dancing, football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, etc. Initially I chose dancing, but later gradually turned to football :)

Every weekend we went on a trip through the UK. We managed to visit London, Oxford, Brighton, and even the royal family palace - Windsor. Of course, they visited all the sights of London with great pleasure, including a trip to the museum of Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Big Ben, etc. Also, we had time to take the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter - the studio, telling and showing about the shooting of the film. A little dream has also come true :)

In general, I am very satisfied with the trip to England. Now I know that you can study anywhere, easily, with pleasure and with the achievement of expected results and expansion of worldviews!

Special thanks to Elena and Evgeniya for the organization!