How I spent my summer in England

09 February, 2017
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Hello everybody! My name is Tima, I'm 11 years old. My mother asked me to write an essay "How I spent the summer"! Previously, my mother worked as a teacher, well, you understand me(((( Always asking me to write something !!

But I can write a couple of words with a cheerful mood about this summer, because I WAS IN LONDON !!!!! And in ENGLAND, for the first time in my life))))) It was cool, really! I remember that on the first day we were given a test. To be honest, I my English is very poor :( but when I was passing the test, I tried so hard to guess all the words, and imagine, I guessed many answers ! : D I got into an advanced group where there were French and Germans, and everybody was speaking English well. I stayed silent for two whole days, looked at the teacher with clever eyes, but then they all realized that I did not understand anything and I was transferred to the beginners, and there I became an excellent student! I was just active and did not hesitate to make mistakes, always answered when asked.

And honestly, I did not do homework, because I did not have time. Do you know why? Every day we went on excursions, went to the old villages of England, and played football on the beach, and swam, rode bicycles, ate ice cream and again went on excursions and to museums. It was a pity there were no excursions where Harry Potter was filmed :(

In our group there were small children, like me, and older ones – of 15-16 years old. I lived in a family, and they in a residence. In the family we were fed pasta, and pizza, and sometimes they cooked a real English pudding. Well, the food was so-so, in Tashkent everything tastes better. But the food is not the main thing for me, it was mom who always worried that there were a lot of French fries, pizza and hamburgers :P

I met children from different countries. It was so cool! We still communicate with them on the Internet.

If I write everything, I can write a book! This is what I said to my mother, put, please, some photos, and everyone will see how I have spent the summer! MOM, I WANT MORE!!!!!!!


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